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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Come Again??

So - it's Sunday, and I finally have internet access to post up a bit about the roadtrip. MFT (MyfriendTeri, for the last time) has graciously agreed to be a guest blogger for the rest of the week, so stay tuned for her words of wisdom. Which will be funnier if we've had some adult bevvies.

Our friendship works because we find ourselves endlessly amusing.

We were in Big Sur for a few days, did a drive-through on Pebble Beach and now we're doing the holiday weekend tourist shuffle in Monterey with many many tourists. We take our act on the road again next week, appearing for a day or so in Carmel, and then heading back north for the end of the week. T-shirts in the lobby! Oops. Wrong show. Although we did see some hipsters in Big Sur who were old enough to have been roadies for Jim Morrison .....but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Gorgeous scenery, great food, interesting people, pictures to come in the next few days so you can see for yourselves. All is good.

Except that we seem to be having some hearing issues.

It started with a trip to the mall for some clothing staples (ok, I left my underoos in the dryer at home - I was trying to get in one last email for work, Mr. Lulu started yelling that we had to leave for the airport right NOW if I was going to get a seat inside the plane, I had to jump on my suitcase to close it and accidentally squished my glasses...you get the picture). So off to pick up some undies and maybe a light sweater and oh look! They have some scarves to help us cover our heads as the wind blows our hair back in our non-convertible!

Lulu: Oh, that scarf looks nice! You're draping it like it's a Muslim head covering though...
MFT: No, it's cotton.
Lulu: ????
MFT: The scarf. It's cotton.
Lulu: Okaaay... ???
MFT: Cotton. COTTON! It's not muslin.

(A few minutes, later, as we enter the grocery store)

Lulu: Damn, I forgot to get a cardigan at the last store! (insert Midwest twang here)
MFT: Again? Well, they have cards here.

(As we're trying to get out the door and on the road to Big Sur)
MFT: Do you have the time?
Lulu: No, I'm fine.

(As we're driving)
Lulu: Do you need some chapstick?
MFT: Yeah, do you have any handy?
Lulu: No, not candy - chapstick. Do you need some?
MFT: ***

Oh, well, maybe some more champagne and Fran's chocolates will help.

Patriotic pictures tomorrow and MFT says hi! (She's too busy working the numbers on her sleepnumber bed to blog tonight - maybe tomorrow.)


Joanna Jenkins said...

Carmel, Big Sur-- All such beautiful places. It sounds like a blast!!!! Safe travels.

Miss Yvonne said...

Ahhhh, Carmel. I'm so jealous. Squish the sand on the beach through your toes for me.

diane said...

Good luck with the hearing problem thing. I hope you two don't wind up killing each other before the trip is over.

Over, not Dover.
No I did not say bend over.
I said over.
Oh just forget it.

Lulu said...

Joanna- It's beautiful...unfortunately the credit card is starting to look reeeaaalllly ugly...

Miss Y - I squished it for you!

Diane- I'm so over the hearing thing...:)