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Monday, May 4, 2009

Lulu's Sandbar

Bitsy Creations made me some new ads so I can get the word out a bit further about my etsy Sandbar - you should take a look at her store.  Thanks Bits!

Speaking of checking things out....when I walked into the gym tonight, two thirtyish guys walking out did the total head-to-toe checkout thing, and I'm thinking, "Wow, ok, maybe I still have it."  And I strutted a little bit into the locker room - and then, naturally I tripped and dropped my water bottle and it spilled.  But they didn't see.  So I was still a little proud of myself - I've been working out hard!

Of course, the conversation that they had as they walked out probably went like this:

Guy #1 "Man, I was so busy selling widgets today, I didn't have time for anything personal."
Guy #2 "Like what?"
Guy #1 "Oh well, you know, I had to check Match.com, and find that girl's number...and there's something else I have to do this weekend, but I just can't remember.. "
Guy#2 "What's that?"

Silence as they walk by me and check me out.

Guy #2 "So anyway, what were you saying about this weekend?"
Guy #1 "Yeah, I remember now - gotta pick up something for Mother's Day.  For my grandma."

Yup, probably.  


Miss Yvonne said...

If they were giving you the head-to-toe, they weren't thinking about their grandmas, baby! Go on with your bad self!

diane said...

Men are so weird, god only knows what was on their minds. Love the tripping with the water bottle thing, haha.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey, a "check-out, is a check-out" and that's a big deal in my book. The last time I was checked out by a guy was in Palm Springs. He said I looked just like his dead wife! (Swear to gawd!) Oy. Keep up the workouts!!!