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Thursday, May 21, 2009



Because TODAY - is the start of the MyfriendTeri (Thelma) and Lulu (Louise) trip!!!!

I fly out today to hit the road to recreate a very famous movie and road trip. Missives and pictures to come from the road - I promise!

It will be exactly like the movie....

Only - we don't have a convertible - but the windows will be open!
And - neither of us is running away from anyone - but we're getting away!
There will be no assault - we're tough and scrappy!
Or any killings - except for limes for our adult bevvies!
Definitely no driving off the cliff - MyfriendTeri is a goooood driver.

There will be roadtrip snacks and music and magazines and cute shoes and sunglasses and work decompression and FUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!

Stay tuned for detailed descriptions of our reindeer games!!!
Yeah, I'm excited - I'm on a Southwest flight - Southwest Airlines rocks, btw, check out this post on theflyingpinto.com - and I hit the blogging jackpot because they're doing a trial run for Wi fi on this flight and it's free! How cool is that? I am sending all y'all my thoughts from the plane, somewhere over the U.S. OH - the captain just said that we're over Mississippi, with two hours to go. Alllrighty!
And all y'all?
Karma. Is a bitch. Remember this post? All about the travel rules? Guess who surrounded me at the gate and in the security line? Guess who jockeyed for position in the A-boarding pass line? Yes! All of my new travel buddies, none of whom have read the rules. Of course they're here - it's a holiday weekend. There is a woman on this flight who has already proudly proclaimed to everyone on the flight, that she hasn't flown in 20 years, where's the meal, where are the blankets, where's the movie?
The worst though? Guess who's sitting across the aisle from me??
Stinky farter guy. And he's in full form.
Dude. We know it's you. All 14 people in this 5-row block around you - did you not see our heads snap up and swivel towards you simultaneously like an inflight synchronized swim team? Oh if only we had their nose plugs about now...please, we beg you - spend some alone time in the restroom.
Gotta run - we have wifi but no power strips.


Joanna Jenkins said...

This is going to be some trip! Safe travels and keep us posted!!!!!

Logical Libby said...

Flying Southwest truly shows just what a rebel you are. I will not even look at their website.

Miss Yvonne said...

Ooooh, I hate the fart guy.

Hey sweetie...you know I was kidding about the creepy clown thing, right??? I'm worried now that you think I was serious. I really and truly LOVE LOVE LOVE my prize! And it really is hanging in my kitchen...I've already had three people compliment me on it and I've directed them to your etsy shop and please please please believe me!!!!

gasp gasp gasp

p.s. have fun on your trip!

diane said...

Have a great time on your trip! I think Yvonne is seriously afraid of clowns, and is just trying to distract you from fart guy. Besides, it's not a clown, it's a french mime. What the h*ll do you care? You're on a road trip! Wooo Hoooo!

The Flying Pinto said...

Oh, I love this!!! You girls have a great time and don't behave!! What's that quote, "well behaved women, never make history!"

Sucks about the fart guy!! I just worked a red eye...lots of farts and bad breath...yum: )

Can't wait to hear more updates!

Lulu said...

Jo - I can't vouch for safe, but it will be fun :)

Libby - Thanks! I love being a rebel - I intend to 'delurk' on your blog too!

MissY - I could never ever be upset with you (crying) You complete me! I made a little bracelet for MyfriendTeri that says WWMYD...puffy heart you!

Di - niiiice....I AM totally distracted now...

Pinto- I don't know how you do it. Seriously.

Free Flying Mom... said...

You are sooooo funny! Have a ball on your girly road trip, they are the best!! Heads up to FP for spreading the word about you! Going next to check out the rest of your blog and your etsy shop!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

What FUN! (all but the fart guy). I need a road trip! I'm so jealous. :)

You mentioned you want cowgirl cuffs for you and your gal friend, send me a convo with what you'd like, I'd love to custom make something for you both!

Happy Trails!

Insanity Kim said...

I wonder if your stinky farter guy is the cousin of our dying burping man? Did he spend half the flight in his wife-beater tee, popping pills?