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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bevvies and Addies

I'm back from the land down under....under Georgia.  Yes, I'm back from Disney and my business trip to a workshop/caucus/conference on Motivation.   I have some thoughts on motivation....motivate THIS as we say.

And of course, it's AGT results night.  Ohhhh....the little four-year-old just got voted off.

No offense - she's so so cute and bright.  But again, seriously - a Vegas act?  Nope. 

(As I type this, M is yelling up to me from downstairs, giving me his theories and spreadsheet analysis on which of the top five AGT acts is going to win and he's splitting the country into a red state/blue state format to pick the winner.)  Love that man.

So while I was at the workshop in Orlando, I was using technology as an illusion of work.  Yes, I was crackberrying during breaks, to try to keep up with all that is going on at Huge McNormous these days, and I received a message from another employee that went like this:

"Hey, didn't receive my invite to meeting X.  Please use my work addy instead of my home addy.  I have two addies, please use the right one."

Addy?  Addies?  

You just know that this guy wears loafers with no socks, pleated khakis and a double-breasted jacket with a crest pocket over a pink polo shirt with the collar popped.  And you have to count your fingers when you shake his hand.  And he points at you with both hands forming trigger fingers and makes a clicking noise with his tongue....And...well.  You get the picture.  

So there I am with some members of my management team at the conference and we spent some time in Epcot, which was hot and humid.   We stopped at various venues, trying to slake our thirst, and I showed them the email from Mr. Salesy guy with the addies.

Of course, then we all got addytudes and had to toast his email with adult bevvies.

That's motivation.

:) Lulu

Off to create - see you on Etsy!


Angie Kelly Designs said...

LOL! You're so funny. I do tend to use "addy"...only sometimes and with certain people. Weird = me. But not so weird that I have a jacket with a crest on it. Wow. Glad you had a good trip and are back safely.

Amber Dawn said...

Damn. I was all ready to read about some whip crackin motivation. No motivation. Not even a whip. siiiigh. My boss went through a phase of not remembering to include my "addy" on the meeting emails. I excitedly took this to mean I didnt have to show up. And I sure as crap didn't pop my collar and double finger shoot him an email to let him in on my secret. Just let him figure it out hisself. I love technology.

Lulu said...

Ang, it's ok if my blog friends use addy. You can addy that to your list all you want.

And Amber, see above - YOU can pop and shoot and addy as well...because then it will be cool! :)