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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Laborious Day

Is there any workday more exhausting than the day after a three-day weekend? Especially when your emotions are whipsawed around from pillar to post, politicians to hurricanes.

I just need to take in some cheesy good fun, have a glass of wine and watch America's Got Talent - yeah, I know that as you read that you think, "Ewwwww..." - but c'mon! That's the big block of Velveeta fun! M and I argue every week over who has the most emotional backstory, guaranteed to wring sympathy from the voting public.

So - here's a new post from the Etsy store, and I finally have my Flickr account up and running too. Art is also tiring.

Corporate world at Huge McNormous is tiring.


I need a nap.


Amber Dawn McNabb said...

I know exactly what you mean. We all get back to work after a three dayer knowing "when you play, you pay". I've been reading a bit on your blog and we have a lot in common. Cept for that 3 yr old is my own. I am exhausted! My resume is out there looking for a job I might be happy to go to when what I really want to do is stay at home, create and explore. My feet are firmly stuck in that sandbar and I am desperately swimming to get passed it.

Lulu said...

Thanks...I really like your blog too. I'm sure we can jump over the sandbar together - at least virtually. :)