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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tin Can Savings

I need some inspiration!  I think about Etsy and my blog during odd moments at the Huge, and then I get home after 7:00 and think - I'm just too tired to gear up for a project that I'll have to put down in a few hours.

See, I think being basically lazy and tired is what has contributed to my love of crap TV.  It's just easier to look at all the great work everyone else is doing and think...I could see that better if I weren't yawning so loud.  So I'll go watch the big screen, curl up into the fetal position and feel my brain turn to sludge.

That, or growing up as a tail-end baby boomer with the TV as a babysitter.

So anyway, M has decided that all of the banks are going to fail, and we need to bury some cash in the backyard.  

Me:  So - what are you doing today?
M: I'm going to Costco...
Me: Oh, ok - we need bottled water, paper plates, check out the specials on-
M: No...for a safe.
Me: What?  We have four file cabinets!  We can keep the  passports and will in one of them - we have plenty of -
M: No, not for documents.  For keeping cash...
Me: What for?
M: You know...it's all over the web and MSNBC and CNN.  They say-
Me: The faceless nameless expert-on-everything They? 
M: Sarcasm makes your elevens* deeper.  Anyway - everyone knows that a bunch of banks are going to fail and how are we going to pay our bills?  We need to keep some cash on hand.  I'm going to take some money out of the savings and keep it in a save in the closet.


Me:(shoulders shaking, trying to keep sensitive, feeling, Dr. Phil-face on)

M: Well, you'll be happy when you can't get into Paypal and I'll have to cover your Etsy debts! 

True that!

Needless to say, we now have our 2008 version of the backyard tin can in our house.

Etsy on!

*elevens - for you youngsters out there, elevens are the wrinkles between your eyes from squinting in the sun for all your live

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