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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bless Your Heart...You could use a Brain

"Look at your nails - you should really get a mani," said a woman when visiting my friend at the hospital whose husband has been in critical care for over a week.  To a woman who has watched, nearly helpless, while her partner struggles to breathe while fighting the respirator that's helping him get some sleep so he can be on dialysis.  To a mom who has seen her kids tiptoe up to dad and ask if he's going to live.

And this is from a friend of hers!  She suggested that A. (my friend), would just feel so much better if she put on some makeup and had her nails did.  Because that's what her mama always told her.

Another friend packed up her suitcases and her trunk (I don't know anyone with a trunk who isn't heading for Hogwarts) and drove up from Georgia to 'help' out - and asked where they were going for lunch when she arrived.

A third arrives at the hospital and cries so hard, A has to comfort her.

Bless her heart, as it's said in the South...when you mean, are you f-ing kidding????

A is far too nice, and far too tired to kick their insensitive butts out the door, but I'm incredulous and mean and would like to go Nurse Ratched on them.

So no whining for me tonight.  I had a sale today, I've just read some delicious posts by Mom-omatic, and Angie, and Wendiwinn. and Color of Dawn...I'm good!

Sweet dreams!


Angie Kelly Designs said...

OMG the nerve! I'm too snarky; I would've had a "moment" and said some nasty things! LOL

Yay for your sale!!!!! They always make me feel better!!

Have a good weekend Lu!! :o) ♥

Lulu said...

Yup, just need to get my shipping and receiving department to work. I love your customized earring cards btw.