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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shoes Never Make Me Look Fat

I.Love.Shoes.  I never have to suck in my stomach or clench my butt or wear Spanx to wear great shoes.  It is ever so much more satisfying to try on shoes, even when I've just been totally turned off by trying on clothes.  

I will say, that I'm liking the longer length tops currently in style.  So many Pringles and red wine bulges can be hidden under a decent top.

So I'm off to the sales meeting - wish me luck!  As we're cooped up in a convention-style hotel the entire week, I'm hoping that I emerge on Friday to find the Dow back up over 1000, Palin jokes abounding and that today's ND-UNC college football score has been overturned.

Ok, 1 out of 3 will do.



Angie Kelly Designs said...

1. I have a shoe hall of fame - I'm right there with ya on shoes!
3. Love me some Spanx
4. Good luck at your meeting!!
And finally...here's hoping for 3 out of 3! :o)

w said...