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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why is it called Bluetooth?

...because apparently, it's named after Harald Bluetooth, an ancient king who unified warring tribes.  And that's what I did this week - I unified the needs of 950 salespeople at a national sales meeting.

Arguments between warring managers over awards for their people, disagreements with employees kept out of entering work sessions because they were 15 minutes late, discord between Huge McNormous IT employees and the hotel AV staff, disagreement between my feet and the pile of three-inch heeled shoes in my hotel closet, conflict between an inebriated employee and a stack of 30, 2-ft high vases containing circular dahlias - yup, I bluetoothed my way through the week, unifying them all - everyone went home alive and mostly happy.

And I'm happily home, where it's cooler than usual - making it feel like autumn at last.

I need punkins!!!

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