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Friday, October 3, 2008

Back in the Windy City with Mother Nature

So clearly, the Sports Illustrated jinx is working again.  The legend goes, that if a sports team or personality is featured on the cover of SI, that team or person will lose whatever game or match or championship it is that he/she/it is competing in or for or to or whatever ( I had to throw in that whatever so I wouldn't end my sentence with a preposition and YES MOM - I KNOW that it's a run-on sentence - my mom is 83 and still teaching English grammar, check out her picture farther down on the right.).


Because - the Cubs just stink right now!  And they were on the cover of SI a week ago.

I'm currently in Chicago this weekend, M and I are visiting daughter 1 / son-in-law / grandson and daughter 2 and boyfriend have also flown in from NY so clearly I have a little wine onboard.  Oh well - nice to share adult bevvies with your kids when they've grown up - so very cool.

So I'm getting caught up on the blog - did anyone watch the finale of America's Got Talent????  I know that some of you have been checking out the crap tv on my behalf...huh, huh?  Good stuff, I know, right???  So my pick - Nuttin' But Strings only got third place - what is WRONG with you reality TV voters??  

Ummm...I must confess though...I never actually pick up the phone and vote for anyone.  But I'm thinking about my picks really really seriously...

Have you seen that ad where the girl gets off the plane and Mother Nature hands her the monthly 'gift?'  Happened to me on Thursday as I landed at Midway....so I really need to gift myself and spend some more of the Tin Can Savings!  

I promise, I will have more to list here soon...!

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