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Friday, June 19, 2009

Blog past forgetti colonnos alzh image


This is the list of blog posts that I'll be writing soon.

I don't know what any of the words mean.  

So it might take me a while.

As I fell asleep while 'reading' to WonderBoy over the past 10 ten days and nights, (I told him that Lulu can SO read with the book stuck on her nose!) great blog posts and stories swirled around in my head.  I mean - I was on fire with the ideas!  So I left some paper and a pen on my nightstand to make sure that I captured them all.

I just found it - the list - under the forgotten bowl of cheerios on the screened porch.  Which had been rained on - but the ants still found it - the cheerios and milk, I mean.  And the ants started calling in their ant friends for a rave.  Or a twitter.  Whichever.  Whatever deck ants are doing these days.  I shut the door and let them have at it.  Teen ants deserve a summer break too.

But to the point....

The ink ran a bit, but the list is still readable - if I spoke Frenish.  Or Germish.

But now I'm really afraid that I'm forgetting stuff because I read a book on early-onset Alzheimer's disease on the flight back from the MyFriendTeri and Lulu trip and I'm sure that I have it.

(caveat.  Not making fun of anyone with this disease.  My father-in-law - and our family by osmosis - suffered from it for 5 years before he died).

I'm always sure that I have the worst disease or ailment no matter the symptom, which I can really really freak out with because my first job was in healthcare and I know all the big words and symptoms and stuff.  So I don't have a headache, it's an arteriovenous malformation.   It's not gas, my gallbladder is about to blow.  It's not a stomach ache, it's my appendix.  (Oh wait, that did happen.  Another story - hey!!  I'll add it to the list!)

So of course, I'm forgetting what I wrote down at 2 am after going Mach 3 with a four-year-old all day?  Yeah, it's......what is it again?  The forgetti disease.

Forgetti disease!  That's on the list, right?


w said...

well. i'm sure "colonnos" was actualy "colon nose". as in the term that replace brown nose.

as for the rest of your list. you need to wash your mouth out with soap.

diane said...

I'm hoping beeechuys is actually beach guys. I'd love to read a post about them.
Your story is great, I think I love you. Acchem, not in a weird stalker way. xo

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I can't wait for your posts! I'm sure that they'll be great!
A neighbor friend of mine just told me that ants hate cinnamon. I sprinkled some in my kitchen and it seems to be working. Sometimes it feels like we live in an ant hill...
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


diane said...

I don't know what took me so long to realize that your interview was posted on The Thirty Seconds Project. I love the photo of you in those ridiculous sunglasses, they make you look like a superhero.
Everything that you said was good advice. I also have sibling problems, so my antenna went up when I got to that part. And I am a big believer in the "Pay it Forward" concept. I tell people that instead of expecting them to return the favor.
Anyway, your interview was totally deck, job well done! xo

Miss Yvonne said...

I'm pretty sure beechuys is a gum they used to chew in the olden days.

Wait, maybe not.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I forget everything and I don't have a four year old within miles :-)

Lulu said...

W - it's true...if you do say my list fast, it sounds like the soundtrack to '80s porn....so I've heard.

Moms - the ants like cinnamon in my house. Of course, it's mixed with the milk and cereal...

D - maybe my beeechuys means something about my T&L trip! Yippitey Skippitey! And thanks for reading my interview - I loved yours as well!

MissY - maybe beeechuys is something that EcoNazi chewed and left behind?

Jo - thanks for ummm....that. What? Oh yeah, your comment.