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Monday, June 8, 2009

Parachutes, Conversation, Life Jackets - and maybe Some Boots

I saw a news clip video on NBC earlier this week, with snippets of various commencement speakers interspersed with comments from graduates, and while I think that it's a great honor when the President, Elie Wiesel, Ellen DeGeneres or Kermit speaks at your college graduation, I believe that an untapped speaker source is being overlooked.  For real words of wisdom - there should be more four-year-old speakers at commencement.

Four-year-old wisdom is the best - it's simple, straightforward, heartfelt and honest. 

Super-grandson always gives it to me straight.  "Stay put, and no touching my hot wheels, and you will be very very good.  And then you can have a mini-drumstick as a good surprise, ok?" "Monster spray to keep out the bad guys does NOT last for six months - you have to use it every night."  "Eat vegetables or your brain will melt."

So his latest nugget is the following:  when in a touchy situation - say, when you're flying around in a gummy jet piece of candy and you find yourself accidentally eaten, (his scenario not mine, but hey, it could happen) there are three things that will help you out-  "Parachutes, conversation and life jackets.  Because the parachute will help you float into the green stuff in the stomach, and then when the parachute gets wet as you sink, you have the life jacket to help you float again.  And sometimes you need boots.  You know - to keep your feet dry and all."  

So - what's the conversation for?

"Oh - oh yeah.  Because you just need to be nice and tell someone how to get around in the stomach.  And they will help you.  Because really you should be nice to everyone no matter if they're different and they'll be nice back."

How great is that advice?  All said so earnestly and sweetly....

And it occurred to me - as I pass my 128th post - that you fives and tens and sometimes twenties! of readers and commenters and deck hip blogsters - you are all my parachutes and my life jackets.  You help me float into the icky green stuff, you act as my life jackets as I bob around in it for a while, and sometimes, you even act as my boots - either to ground me or keep my feet dry, whatever works.

Plus your conversations!  - letting me know how to get around in the big bloggy stomach and being nice to me.  Or giving me crap, which is really being nice to me.  In a way.  

And you're all very different.  Which is the most important point of this post - see!  You knew I'd have a point eventually, so you stuck around!

I started this blog to get some peeps for my etsy store and then I found - and keep finding - so many different writers and actually getting distracted from the store - oooooo shiny blogs......must read....must comment.....what store? 

I digress.

But I like the fact that I don't have a typical blog to follow - you're all very cool with many different points of view and lots of ways to swear.  Some of you post every day and others....not so much.  You write with unique voices, about a thousand topics and every day, you inspire me.

Or you just let me escape from daily life and make me laugh so hard I blow coffee out of my nose.  Whatever.  It works.  Don't laugh at me.

So 128 thanks to all of you!  Thanks to Mom O Matic, and Yo Mama (and her renters) and What Were You Thinking?!!  Just when I'm Cooking Blind, and thinking You've Got to be Kidding Me, I find The Fifty Factors and remember Libby Logic.  Don't forget WendiWinn and Green-Eyed Momster - they bust me constantly.  Susie Scott and Heart of a Cowgirl and Deb Trotter and Sweet Pea help me get artsy, Married Geeks throw some Bananas and Toddlers into the Little House on the Quarry and get me to A Parent's Life to Behold, through the Eyes of Insanity and Bliss.  The Flying Pinto keeps me up in the air, and Kids and Daquiris keeps me laughing.   Angie and Amber - you were two of my originals so I have to send a special thanks, even if life is keeping you too busy to post.

Here's to finding new bloggy friends - cheers!


Green-Eyed Momster said...

Thank you too, Lulu!!
I'm so glad that I found you!!
Having you all along for the ride on my journey makes it worth while. I think we have a very special group of readers and followers, don't you?


diane said...

Bravo, bravo!!! I love how you tied this all together. Just great. Kids are the best, they always surprise me. And just so you know, your blog is one of the few I always run to, even when I'm insanely busy. You must be doing something right. xo

She Said said...

Great post! I agree, it's tragic we lose some of our four-year old logic. It could really help us in life!

Thanks for the shout! I appreciate the online community so much. It's wonderful to meet new people such as yourself!

Keep rockin', Lulu!

Joanna Jenkins said...

128 POSTS! Amazing Job!

Thanks for sharing your grandson's logic. Makes perfect sense to me too!

And I love the part at the end-- The Game of Tag. THANK YOU for including me!

Keep writing and I'll keep reading xo

Amy Kate said...

Thanks for tagging me!!!
128 is great, and so are 4 year olds. at 5 they get a little TOO mouthy for their own good.
We all appreciate you, too, you know! I love seeing a new post from you, and usually debate opening it up right away to read it, or waiting and saving it for later, like dessert.

Miss Yvonne said...

Awesome! I'm so impressed with these posts because there's no way I could do it.

You're awesome because I say so!

The Flying Pinto said...

Awww, I love 4 year old wisdom, as I am just starting to hear some great stuff from my 2 year old Lucy. Great advice from your Grandson: ) And, I am honored to be included in your list! I feel the same way about you...love, love, love reading your blog!Thanks, for posting!Keep up the great work: )

w said...

dude. i totally think you supergrandson should speak at any upcoming college graduation. wise wise words.

my li'l tot, however, may not be quite ready for college graduations. just hs graduations. mainly because her wise words are usually about poop.

Insanity Kim said...

Yo thanks for the shout out! I am in the Last Frontier for another few weeks, and the internet connections aren't letting me forget it! I will be back in full frickin' force before you can say crazap! Yeah, I am cool that way...

FoN said...

Hey - thanks for the shout out Lulu! I had missed this while I was on my break there.